Back home in Melbourne for a break and to catch up with my girls.

I've done a LOT of maintenance for the house both inside and out. A few of these things should not have been beyond the ken of an adult or teenager, but I guess it is nice to be needed.

I've two really great experiences in the last week. I had three days of golfing heaven catching up with some mates and playing a few of our nations finest courses. Sunday was superb at Royal Melbourne West. Monday at Port Fairy followed by a great lamb roast and a few red wines. Up early on Tuesday to play Warrnambool in bright sunshine. Not a breath of wind over 3 days and I can't think of better playing companions for those days. Utter bliss. I was pleasantly surprised with my form too.

I returned to Melbourne and did some acting for a short film called The Last Summer. I played the dad in a story of a young girl noticing boys for the first time. Or something like that. It was a fun couple of days although my wardrobe choice made the frosty start on Thursday morning a bit of a challenge.  I will definitely be keeping an eye out for similar projects in the future.

This weekend see the final event in the One Act Play festival circuit. I finally get to see performances from my Pop Culture Theatre brethren (and sistern). I'm excited and a little sad as this is the biggest thing I had to leave behind to go to Laos.

Working on Monday. Bugger. Where did that time go?

AuthorBruce Hardie