(in homage to Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin of 5by5.tv)

I was told the car would be coming to get me this morning even though Dan was still in Thailand, but of course it didn't so I had to grab a cab. Oh well, no big deal.

Just working my way through the day, but the wet season seems to have arrived at last. Storms sweeping through Laos and plenty of rain at last. It meant that flights out to site were getting cancelled and my plans for heading out later in the week were in danger of being converted to a bus. 30 mins in a plane or 6 hours plus in a bus - we all know what the preferred answer is for anyone.

One thing that will be waiting for me is a footy team. There are a few expats that are teaching Aussie Rules to the locals and there is a team sponsored by the company in the form of the mighty Lao Elephants. There was a company wide email about raffle tickets as a fundraiser for the team and so I thought I would reply back about getting involved. I will join up as their umpire and see how we go. Training will be on Thursday night at the site and there is a carnival in Pattaya, Thailand in a couple of weeks that they are keen for me to attend. This could be fun.

It was a really quiet day in the office until in the afternoon I got invited down to the big kitchen because it was one of the girls' birthday. It was a noisy and happy affair with singing and clapping. It was great. It also proved that some things are universal. The girls started taking pictures of themselves and all of them chose *duckface* for their pose. It was pretty funny, although one of the girls told me they call it "pretty face". Same same.

AuthorBruce Hardie