Day 2 in Laos.

Having slept like a log with a head injury I made my way down to breakfast for the "as many cultures as we can think of buffet". Congee, noodles, salads, toast, fruit, yoghurts and a form to request eggs to be cooked by ticking choices. Eggs were really good so I might stick with that level of comfort for the time being.

We have a driver to take us to and from the office and so when a a guy who looked he might be it turned up we asked him "MMG?"

"No - Thai Embassy", he replied.

So we waited around and started making calls to try and find our driver. Broken english and promises of "5 minutes" and we were still waiting half an hour later.

So we tried the first guy again who recognised "LXML" which is also us. The Thai embassy is just down the block so that was the landmark he was told to take us to.

This is apparently "just so Laos" and indicative of what happens all the time here. It did mean traffic had gotten much heavier in the half hour we were waiting and so we ended up even later than just the delay in recognising each other.

The office is just like any other office really. It's a new building and so I get a smallish cubicle with all the requisites for a desk. It is not without quirk though. The server room has a stained wooden door which doesn't match the regular aluminium framed stuff about the rest of the fitout. It smells of after-thought. Cans of condensed milk in the fridge for their coffee which I think I shall try tomorrow.

Had dinner with Dan and his family again. They are very generous with their time. We found a nice place with a sort of Pan Asian menu. More is more in the restaurant trade with hundreds of items over dozens of pages to choose from. It makes ordering just too dificult as you wade through it. Food was pretty good and beerlao is a perfect hot weather beer.

On the way home I stopped in a mini mart to start testing out the crazy asian chip flavours. I decided to start with something that must surely be a premium item in Lobster Hot Plate. Although it was the same price as the others. I mean come in - it's LOBSTER!! They were pretty tasty although I started to get a bit of taste fatigue by the end of the 50g bag. Medium levels of spice on a boullabaise-ish flavour combo. Tomato dominates with a bit of shellfish and chilli. I can't help but feel I will find something better in later tests.

Power outages are common here and the hotel apparently has several each day. I think this messes with their TV equipment as the channels were different today than yesterday. My comfort food TV is The Golf Channel with thai overdubbing/subtitles. I can mostly understand what is going on there. But last night I found PANDA TV!! It is exactly what you think it might be. Video of a panda in a zoo somewhere. He/she/it sits on a tire and eats bamboo. And that's about it... It isn't really compelling television to be honest.

AuthorBruce Hardie