Mon 16 July

Phuket is aparently very popular at this time of year. The flight from MEL to BKK was packed to the rafters and mostly bogan tourists. It takes at *least* five minutes before we move anywhere once the seatbelt light goes off, so don't give me that look when I don't immediately get into the stupid crouch/stand thing immediately.

BKK is big and I had to walk pretty much from one end to the other for my connection. I ended up walking around a lot as I had a few hours to kill here before heading to Vientiane.

Standard touristy photos, because that's really all I've seen so far. Much nicer than any airport in Australia. Well done Thailand.

I only really stole some snack samples as I couldn't be bothered dealing with baht today, but have bookmarked Dried Pork and Tom Yum rice crackers as tasty things to have more of. Mr Squid's claim to be both tasy and fun is not something I am going to take him up on.

Almost wished I hadn't used the free wi-fi that everyone can have just for asking here as I see on FB that Maddy didn't go to school today because she was apparently too upset. I thought she was going to be the one who handled it best out of the three of them. Josie only barely held it together during the airport drop off. Skype will be essential over the coming days I think.

I was told at Jill's party on Saturday night that I must avoid happy endings from lady boys. And also lady ladies. It is apparently OK for me to be gay while in Laos.

Hmm... less than an hour to go and there is still not aircraft at this gate. As nice as this airport is, I am keen to finish the travel stuff.  

Arrive in Laos and go through the Visa on Arrival process. Queue jumping is an art here and there were heaps of folks getting their forms moved on for them by a friendly man in a uniform who chucked it over the counter for them. So, it took a little while to get through us all and by the time I got to the choice of green/red line they'd all packed up and gone, and there were plenty behind me. Got picked up by the hotel drive who looks all of 16.

Checked in and then went for a wander. The idea of getting a traditional Laos massage for $6 seemed like a good idea after grinding out a big travel day, and so it ended up being. It is a very active massage style with lots of stretching and twisting etc. and I felt much better after it, so totally worth it.

Met the boss and his family for dinnner. He's in the process of moving over long term and so it was good to find out what is working for them and what isn't. He has a pair of daughters slightly older than mine, but they are both also interested in drama, dancing etc. so it seems this is not a dead end Josie and Maddy.

AuthorBruce Hardie