I came back from Luang Prabang after having a bit of a wander around the former royal palace. I found there was a bit of an art deco feel to the place that mingled with the asian cliches. I really liked it.

A busy working week trying to wrap up as much as I could so I could wrap things up. Tried to have a farewell drink with as many of my new friends as I could and had a massive bender on my last working day in Laos with Mong and TC. It was a blast.

Stopped by Bangkok for a few days to get my teeth fixed up. They were a lot more organised this time around and things went pretty smoothly. It did involve a bit of pain and discomfort so I didn't get out a whole lot and even when I did go to Panthip Plaza (for example) my heart wasn't really in it and I didn't buy anything. I am nearly at the end of Battlestar Gallactica though and got a bit of writing done.

And now I'm home. And trying to work my way back into my old life, but I'm hopeful there is an opportunity for me to go back early in 2013.

Laos really did capture my heart and my head. I will wait a week or two and try to sum up just how I feel about all this. Right now, I miss it. A lot.

AuthorBruce Hardie