Not a lot of note in the last week.

After a 9 day working stint, half of which was at the mine, I was ready to rest for the weekend.

I got up early and played golf with the usual suspects on a very hot day. Sweat was dripping onto my glasses as I put my head over the ball. The Long Vien clubhouse can't be far away from completion and more needlessly large edifice I have never seen in my life. The course is still fun to play.

A bit of a nap in the afternoon and my big plans for watching TV were put on hold when some guys from work called an invited me out with them. We went to a place called the Marina Bar and there is a good chance I was the oldest person in the room. A couple of bottles of shared whiskey and an eclectic mix of music made for a fun time. On the way home we stopped at noodle bar that was set up in a car park. Best. Idea. Ever. Never too early to start the process of replenishing fluids after a night on the sauce and this was a tasty wind down with plenty of laughs as well.

Sunday I had brunch with a couple of the golf boys and their wives and then went to the Sunday session at KongKhao. It was pleasant enough, although the band lapsed into wanky jam session mode with each song dragging out to 8 minutes with everyone throwing in an ill thought out solo into each song.

Monday - my head exploded. Goddam virus of some kind and looking back at the timeline it was probably Saturday night's crew that gave it to me. Curse you, Mong!!! or Oiy! or Parn! or Oudom! or Ping-da!

And, of course, a big fuck you to Cricket Australia for selling the streaming rights to vodafail and not allowing that stream to go international. No cricket on the radio for me.

AuthorBruce Hardie