It only took about 2 hours. I got off the plane, had a shower and a beer (at the same time) and wandered in to town for Vientiane English Club. I wasn't the life of the party, but it was still fun to hang out and help some people with both IT and English issues.

Took 2 club members to dinner at a Japanese place recommended by the young man with the group. It was pretty good food but had traditional low style seating on the ground. My hips aren't really made for cross-legged sitting any more. My much younger companions laughed with me as I levered myself back up. I am certainly no longer as mobile as I used to be. Middle aged decline is not something I am mentally ready to deal with. My right shoulder clunks and creaks, a legacy of bowling a lot of overs. But you already know that I'm sure if you've been keeping up with all my previous writing.

I end a long working week. Monday to Friday sounds ok when you say it fast, but Monday to the following Friday is a heck of a work week. Work-wise it was worth it, but now I'm fried and have earned a weekend off. Coincidentally my long term business visa application is ready and so I am due to leave the country for a bit to come back in. That sounds like a great excuse for a ROAD TRIP!! Udon Thani here I come again. Golf at a new course in the morning. Long Vien having just opened and needing the Bruce review treatment then over the bridge in the afternoon.

I am gagging for a few drinks and some hard core R&R.

AuthorBruce Hardie