So perhaps I could be a monk.

I wondered at the start of this, the longest stint on site I've had, whether I would like it or not. I think I actually do. I have been focused at work with nothing else to worry about and just smashed through a big pile of complicated stuff. There's something to be said for simplifying one's world.
That said, when I get back to Vientiane and play golf and meet people and do other things I'll probably be really happy with that too. I can't see myself ever wanting to define myself solely by work, or any single thing to tell you the truth. I accept that being a dilettante is in my DNA and I'll go with that. Maybe one thing at a time is the answer.

The extended time here has made for some much strong bonds with the team a few more Lao words in the vocab and a deeper understanding of the business of the mine. Combine that with a couple of milestones and it has been a very successful week.

How on earth did people organise travel before the internet? Mum and Dad are coming to Laos and Thailand in November and we were able to talk, plan and book their time here and a side trip to Luang Prabang in about an hour all using the 'net. Rocket cars be damned - this is the future I want.

Side note - While on site I commit the heinous fashion crime of wearing crocs and socks. Don't judge me. Things are just different here, OK.

AuthorBruce Hardie